IDB Project Grow

    The main initiative under this component has been the implementation of the IDB funded Project Grow: Accelerating the Inclusion of Small-Scale Farmers and Youth into the Commercial Cassava Value chain 2017 – 2021. In its penultimate year, the project has met the project objective of increasing the incomes of small-scale cassava farmers, as well as generating sustainable employment opportunities for vulnerable youth. The Cassava Value Chain has grown since the involvement of the Project Grow, a local sourcing initiative by Red Stripe and the Desnoes and Geddes Foundation/IDB LAB project. The project has successfully proven the viability of cassava cultivation and as a raw material for more than the traditional bammy. Other uses:

    • Gluten free flour

    • Waste from the brewery processing used for animal feed

    • Experimentation being done on using the sticks as a coal substitute. Other major success factors include:

    • The willingness of 2 financial institutions to develop credit products offering financing options for cassava farmers

    • The research component on new high yielding varieties in 4 ecological zones and which has allowed us to identify which varieties would be more productive in Jamaica

    • The provision of training and employment to over 500 rural and disadvantaged youths

    • Increased business knowledge of farmers on how to manage their farms

    • Development of training manuals have improved farmers’ capacity to cultivate cassava

    • Expertise provided to RADA extension officers through training in cassava cultivation.

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