Beer Love Academy

    Beer Love Academy was formerly known as the Bar Academy and was rebranded in support of Red Stripe’s objective to better align with the Commercial Department’s Beer Love Loyalty Programme, formerly called Certified Bar.

    A Certified Beer Advisor course was developed as a part of the Beer Love Academy. The pilot of the course welcomed 16 existing bartenders, some being Learning for Life Bartending training alumni who had previously been employed to cruise liners but were now idled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It provided a greater appreciation for and understanding of beers, with the intent of positioning bartenders to better ‘upsell’ the product, subsequently increasing its consumption.

    The academy pilot programme also included the upgrading the business competency of bar operators. In partnership with HEART NSTA, 13 bar operators from Kingston & St. Andrew participated in an online Micro-Entrepreneurs Certificate course. Foundation members trained participants in soft skills like conflict resolution and team building and general topics such as health and safety, COVID-19 tips and general rules on stocktaking.

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